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Gaijin Goomba
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United States
Creator and host of Game Exchange and one of the Game Theorist alongside MatPat and Ronnie "Oni" Edwards. Also one of the hosts of the Gaijin Gamers Play let's play channel!


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Goombadroids 1 day ago  New member
fumon.....fumon everywhere
HempHat 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey, as you may be already aware of, the Warriors Orochi series of games feature several characters from Chinese mythology ranging from Daji to Hundun. Something that however sticks out from these mythological figures is how Sanzang from Journey to the West is depicted as female. According to the Koei Wiki this is due to how the original rendition of Journey of the West in Japanese made Sanzang's gender vague. Do you know if this has any truth to it?
Randomstuff128 1 day ago  Student Artist
First of all ,Sanzang is based Tang Sanzangin in journey to the west and he is a guy in most chinese cultures, I know I was raised in China for 11 years, but to be fair the journey to the west was based on a true story, and converted with more excitement. The story mostly surrounds Tang Sanzangin being kidnap by demons, to eat his flesh and become immortal, the reason I think sangzang is a female is because women are mosty kidnaped? I guess?
the floor is yours gaijin 
HempHat 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice to see someone else visiting Gaijin's page who knows so much about Journey to the West. I guess I should have mentioned being a fan of the book itself earlier. Making Sanzang attractive in Warriors Orochi itself makes sense seeing as in Journey to the West he is described as attractive. It is also worth noting that while Sanzang was kidnapped repeatedly by demons to be eaten in hopes his flesh will grant immortality, he does come across a female demon or two who try to seduce or marry him.

Though, admittedly, I don't really see what you mean by Sanzang being depicted as female due to women mostly being kidnapped. The reason in Journey in the West for Sanzang being captured so often was not due to gender, but demons wanting to gain something from him and Sanzang being ill fitted to defend himself, hence him needing his three disciples (Sun Wukong in particular) to protect him on his journey.
Randomstuff128 3 days ago  Student Artist
Dear gaijin goomba,
your show has thought  me a lot about Japanese culture and thank you for commenting on my art work , to thank you I decided to help you in the art department, youare awesome
sign mew Mew 
ps. Do you want to be my friend
GaijinGoombah 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Randomstuff128 2 days ago  Student Artist
Heavy weapons guy does

not understand what is =3
Goombadroids 3 days ago  New member
hello fellow goomba
MomentousGoomba39 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Could you please do a video about cat cafe's if you could? Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 
challock 5 days ago  Student General Artist
Hello i'm a big fan of your work and i saw your latest video of how ninja's are portrayed in video games but would you ever consider doing a video on how the Samurai warrior is portrayed in popular digital media such as anime cartoons video games cartoons if not i'm sorry for being a bother
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